Demino Marquis


Str 11 Dex 19 Con 12 Int 16 Wis 11 Cha 14, AC 19, HP 21, Saves- Fort 3 Ref 4 Will 0, Mwk Rapier +7 to hit, 1D6 Dam, Crit 18-20×2 Dagger +6 to hit, 1D4 Dam, Crit 19-20×2


Demino is the oldest (disputed) son of Danilo Marquis. He lives his life one moment of excess at a time, frequently found in taverns and fest halls, he preferred to spend his days drinking, gambling, womanizing, and dancing. Until the death of his mother and the the loss of his family home, he knew nothing of poverty, loss, or duty. He has since tempered his old flippant attitude with a steely resolve that has even gained the (grudging) respect of his twin brother, Angelo. He sees the expedition into the stolen lands as a way for his family to regain it’s once proud stature.

Demino Marquis

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