Darngrim Greenbeard

Sam's dwarf


Darngrim Greenbeard
Race: Dwarf
Size: Medium
Gender: Male
Age: 35
Deity: Cayden Caidence
Ocupation: Freelance Mercenary
Languages: Dwarven, Common, Orc, Goblin
Description: loves to drink. wise…..when he thinks before he speaks.

Fighter: 4

HP: 64
Init: 2
Str: 16;3
Dex: 14;2
Con: 18;4
Int: 15;2
Wis: 18;4
Cha: 11;0

AC: 24 +4 AC VS. Giants
Touch: 12
Flat Footed: 22

Armor Check:-18
Max Dex: 2

Fort 8
Ref: 6
Will: 5

Additional Modifiers:
+2 VS. poisons/spells/spell like abilities
+1 Fears
+4 swim checks to resist nonlethal damage from exhaustion, and from starvation or thirst.
+4 on constitution checks to avoid nonlethal damage from a forced martch, and hot and cold environments.
+4 on constitution checks to continue running, and fortitude saves to resist suffocation.

Melee: +7 +1 to Goblins, Orcs, and mites.
Ranged: +6
CMB +7
CMD +19 +4 Against bulrush and Trip attempts.

Combat Reflexes
Die hard
Weapon Focus: Axes
Weapon Specialization: Axes
Power Attack

Ancestral Tower Shield: AC: +4 Max Dex: +2 Armor Check Penalty: -9
Banded Mail: AC: +7 Max Dex: +1 Armor Check Penalty: -6

MW Dwarven Battle Axe: 1st: +11 Damage: 1d10 +5 Crit: X3 Range: N/A Type: S
Warhammer: 1st: +7 Damage: 1d8 +3 Crit: X3 Range: N/A Type: B
Heavy Pick: 1st: +7 Damage: 1d6 +3 Crit: X4 Range: N/A Type: P
Throwing Axe: 1st: +10 Damage: 1d6 +5 Crit: X2 Range: 10ft. Type: S
Long Bow: 1st: +6 Damage: 1d8 +2 Crit: X3 Range: 100ft. Type: P Ammo: 20 Arrows

Acrobatics: +2
Appraise: +2 +2 non magical that contains metal or gemstones.
Bluff: 0
Climb: +7
Craft; Alchemy: +6
Diplomacy: 0
Disable Device: +1
Disguise: 0
Escape Artist: +1
Fly: +1
Handle Animal: +6
Intimidate: 0
Know; Dungeneering: +9
Know; Engineering: +9
Linguistics: +2
Perception: +8 +2 On perception checks to notes unusual stonework such as hidden doors and traps located in stonewalls or floors, and reserves an additional roll when he passes within 10 feet of them regardless of if he’s looking.
Preform: 0
Ride: +5
Sense Motive: +4
Sleight of Hand: +2
Spell Craft: +2
Stealth: +2
Survival: +9
Swim: +3
Use Magic Device: 0


Darngrim Greenbeard

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