Alimin Rodrick

Cleric of Pharasmae


Str: 10 Dex: 12 Con: 11 Int: 10 Wis: 18 Cha: 13 Hp: 29 skills/ranks: Diplomacy/4, Heal/4, Know Religion/1, Profession(Funeral Director)/2, Sense Motive/3 Feats: Persuasive, Skill Focus (heal), Divine Gifting


Alimin Lives by a the motto Celebrate life, Honor Death. Raised as a member of the upper class he was always blessed with out need, but seeing how thous with out had such joy with doing meager work he constantly questioned his role in life. When he was 12 he had finally gained the answer the his perplexing question, when attending a ceremony for the passing of another family. He had talked to the priest in charge of putting the body to rest, and gained many in sites in to the world, mainly how everyone is born the same and dies the same. People should be happy with what they got, and cherish more so what they have to work for, then when we pass Pharasma judges us not on what have. His family became more estranged with him and his new attitude tword life, even more so when he demanded that the family pay for the funeral of one of their servants. Before things had reached an impassible level he left to train at the church of pharamsa, then took on the roll of a funeral practitioner to lay the dead to rest so they may find comfort in their after life and never raise again to torment the living. He currently journeys with a group of interesting individuals who tend to make jokes and light of life. Currently the main costume he preforms when putting the dead to rest, is to lay a gold in the deceased mouths to pay for a safe journey to the after life, this was brought about after an adventure had made the joke to him and he took it as a very serious custom. Alimin journeys with a group, most of which hold little mention to him except the Pailiden of Iamaday who he finds himself constantly coming to philosophical blows with, he holds the highest respect for this man as they continue to journey though he wonders and waits for the next time him and Angelo differs on opinions. As a note in his book he added that it seamed that the dwarf was loosing it’s respect for the lives of others after saying that he would willingly sacrifice a group of kobolds just to get at a silver main and became centrally focused on the vain. Another note in his journal is about the resurrection of a monk boa, in early entries it states how he wasn’t happy about the rest of the group and Danilo’s decision, though a night later he comments in favor of it. It seams that Danilo convinced Alimin that it was in no affront to Pharamsa or to the life that boa lived.

Alimin Rodrick

Paul's Kingmaker Campaign X1887