Tag: bandit


  • Happs Bydon

    Crude and foolish, Happs Bydon was a former guard in Restov, whom after it was discovered was running a protection ring, left the town and turned to banditry. While he worked (while living) for the Stag Lord, he never knew whom he was, as he never …

  • Kressle

    Kressle was the leader of the Thorn River camp bandits in the employ of [[:the-stag-lord | The Stag Lord]]. She wields two axes and is extremely vicious. She managed to escape to the Stag Lord's fort.

  • Falgrim Sneeg

    An older Varisian mercenary, he has hair turning gray and an unkempt beard. He was in the employ of [[:the-stag-lord | The Stag Lord]] until he was captured by adventurers. A bounty was placed on his head by [[:92435 | Kesten Garess]] for robbing …

  • Ayles Mergesen

    Ayles is a member of [[:the-stag-lord | The Stag Lord]]' s group of bandits. He was captured by the adventurers who led an assault against the Stag Lord's fort.