Svetlana Leveton

Wife of Oleg


The younger wife of Oleg, Svetlana wishes (particularly after the recent spate of bandit activity that has hounded them) that she could convince her husband to return to Restov, though to no avail.

Happy and good-natured, Svetlana is the one most likely to meet new visitors to the trading post when they first arrive. While she still would like to return to Restov (for fear of more potential bandit attacks), she is happy that their problem seems to be resolved and even happier that her husband is in better spirits as well.

She wishes that Oleg would not have sent out the group of adventurers to find her lost wedding ring that the female bandit stole from her. But she is not above using the same group of adventurers to get some moon radishes for her so she can make her husband’s favorite soup.

Svetlana Leveton

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